Sunday, June 7, 2009

What IS Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy may very well be one of the single most important complementary therapies to facilitate healing of the whole body. Bowen is a non-manipulative, non-invasive holistic treatment and soft tissue remedial therapy. The Bowen moves bring about profound and often remarkable results by penetrating to a deep cellular level, incorporating the body's unique ability to heal itself.

The release of dysfunctional muscle, skeletal or nerve states, toxins and old patterning, remove the restrictions on the body's ability to self-heal. Bowen moves allow the body to re-establish holistic balance and healing almost immediately. Since Bowen Therapy addresses the body as a whole unit and the cause of problems, rather than just the presenting symptoms, it embraces the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each person receiving a treatment.

The experience of the treatment is typically gentle, subtle and relaxing and it is these features that make Bowen Therapy so unique. Simply stated, Bowen Therapy allows and encourages the body to heal itself.

Bowen therapy strongly affects the autonomic nervous system, the system responsible for stress reactions and recovery responses. This results in decreased muscle tension and reduced nerve hypersensitivity. The parasympathetic nervous system is reciprocally restored which creates homeostasis at the cellular level, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation and aiding in the assimilation of nutrients and eliminations of toxins.

A treatment takes around 30-45 inutes with the work performed on the skin or through light clothing. 3-4 treatments at weekly intervals are often sufficient to achieve lasting relief from even long-standing pain, though more are sometimes required. The session initiates a cascade of beneficial changes that unfold over a few days.

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