Sunday, June 14, 2009

Retaining Fluid

I've been treating a client for some months now with amazing results. She came to me initially because she had difficulty walking and was bent over with discomfort and weakness. She had severe edema (retaining fluid over her entire body, with the legs being the worst affected).

My very first treatment was extremely moving, emotional and with unexpected results. She had great difficulty getting onto the massage bench and it needed two of us to assist her. She was weak and couldn't lift her arms any higher than shoulder height with difficulty. Following her first (basic) treatment to introduce Bowen to her body and allow it to start the healing process, I kept it very simple and minimal. We assisted her to sit up prior to getting off the table. She commented on how light she felt and raised her left arm to demonstrate. I will never, ever forget her face as it registered delight and amazement as her arm floated past her eyes and onwards way over her head. She gasped and said "I've not been able to do that for years" and then tried raising BOTH her arms in a similar manner. Both went up easily over her head. She promptly burst into tears and sobbed her heart out for about 10 minutes with unrestrained joy.

It was a couple of months later that I was able to start treating her for lymphatic drainage to assist her body to rid itself of the excess fluid. Her legs were so swollen that her knees and ankles were basically non existent and her feet looked like little balloons with tiny toes sticking out the end. Similar to blowing up a rubber glove.

After about two treatments and in between diligently following my suggestions for minimal but important exercise, we started to notice a marked difference in her body and especially in her legs. After a couple of months of treatment, I'm happy to say she needed to buy smaller trousers (as they were literally falling off her). Her whole body had reduced in size, her arms were now virtually normal and I could now feel muscle definition in her legs. Her knees, ankles and feet were clearly 'visible', with her toes no longer looking like they were stuck on the end of small balloons. She was walking better; able to turn over unaided and while still needing a walking frame was walking straighter and feeling lighter due to the loss of so much unwanted fluid.

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