Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hormonal Issues

After learning the principals of hormonal Bowen, I started treating a few people who had previously come to our clinic and reported they experienced menstrual problems. It was an exciting time for them and for me as this type of treatment was new and unexplored.

One client of note really stood out. She had presented with a number of issues, but most importantly had been told she needed to have a hysterectomy due to anemia from constant and heavy blood loss. She suffered from headaches, premenstrual cramps and PMS and was basically struggling constantly as her periods were so heavy they left her feeling depleted and tired.

After approximately 5 treatments, performed at each menstruation and at ovulation, she reported that her last visit to the doctor had given her the all clear. She no longer required the operation and was no longer suffering from anemia. Her blood loss was now normal, regular, light and of a good healthy colour. She only suffered from mild headaches occasionally and the cramps and PMS were completely gone.

No one was more happy about the outcomes than she was (besides me of course) and those results were consistent with many of the other women I treated who had not had such severe symptoms but nevertheless were putting up with issues that were now no longer a problem. Some of these included, irregularity, cramps, clotting, long periods with heavy blood loss, headaches, PMS, poor sleep and bad odour during menstruating. All successfully treated over a few months using non-invasive and gentle Bowen Therapy.

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